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Certifications are available beginning in July and we constantly monitor this process for each carrier. We will assist you throughout the process of getting certified for the various products.

Our Senior Quoting Tool:

Saves you time and streamlines your selling process. It makes it easy to find, compare, and select plans for clients:

Free access   •   Customization to each client   •   Quote history   •   Easy comparison of rates, carriers, and plans   • Online apps with supplements   •   Underwriting guidelines   •   Sorting by price, not just by rating!   •   Universal comparison to different products and categories   •   Pricing breakdown between Medicare, supplement, and client costs.

Quoting Tool

Medicare Supplements

Here are some of our top carriers:

Medicare Advantage

Here are some of our top carriers:

Part D

Here are some of our top carriers:


Here are some of our top carriers:

what agents say

about AgentLink:

Without Agentlink, I’m not sure that I would have had the knowledge to help my clients with Senior products. There are so many different companies and products and AgentLink helps narrow down the best to offer for a particular client. They are my case managers and quickly update me when new information is discovered about any case. This allows me to quickly get back to my clients about their policies – which is particularly important with elderly clients.

Alan B., Ohio

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